Foreign language teachers David Peary, Mark Pendarvis and Angela Schipani challenged their classes to
produce a short video that incorporated not only their language skills,
but technology and presentation skills as well.  
Students had to include a "green screen" scene and use iMovie to edit and produce their final movie.

David Peary's French II students (3 sections 64 students) worked in small groups
and each group produced a video entitled "Au Gymnase (At the Gym)

Mark Pendarvis's Spanish II students (3 sections 62 students) did a similar project set in a "Health Club"

Angela Schipani's Spanish III students (2 sections 35 students) produced a video message
from the capital city where they are an exchange student to a friend in Cape who is planning to visit them.

Brooke Harvey's video is  "Welcome to My Capital City ~ Lima Peru".

Inline image 1This is a snapshot from the intro to her video.
Using green screen technology, Brooke appears to be standing in Lima's El Museo de Arte de Lima.
In reality, she is standing in one of the Learning Commons' two new study rooms.
Each room has a green wall which can be used as a "green screen" for video production!

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