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CEHS Opens Minds and Opens Doors
revised May 4, 2014

We empower students with the academic, personal, and social knowledge and skills needed to build fulfilling and engaged lives

Core Values of our School

Community. We value the connections among our school, local, and global communities that foster meaningful participation in a dynamic and diverse world.

Academics. We value rich and varied learning experiences that support critical thinking, perseverance, effective communication, and independent and collaborative work inside and outside of the classroom.

Passion. We value personal investment in learning in an environment that nourishes joy and creativity, protects risk-taking, and cultivates individual expression.

Ethics. We value decision-making and actions guided by the principles of personal integrity, empathy, responsibility, and respect for self and others.

Core Beliefs about Schools and Learning

We believe that all students can learn at high levels, but different students learn in different ways and at different speeds. We believe that it is the fundamental job of educators to ensure student learning by working continuously together to answer the following three questions:

•    What do we want students to learn?

•    How will we know when each student has learned?

•    How will we respond when a student experiences difficulty in learning?

We believe that students will most readily learn in an environment that is safe; where they feel known and cared about; where the expectations are clear and the instruction is skillful; where educators collectively share responsibility for student learning; and where students are challenged to see real-life applications of their learning.

Learning Expectations

All students will learn to….

Academic Competencies

•    Write proficiently

•    Read well and reflectively

•    Conduct appropriate and in-depth research

•    Express themselves clearly in oral presentations

•    Solve problems and challenges with creativity, insight, and persistence, using tools and resources well suited to the task

Before graduation, each student will demonstrate proficiency reflecting college and career readiness in each content area required by law.

Civic and Social Competencies

•    Complete work in a timely way

•    Demonstrate academic honesty

•    Be engaged in classes

•    Persevere and seek/accept help when work becomes difficult

•    Treat others with dignity, honesty, and respect

•    Work productively in team settings

Originally Drafted in November 2013 as part of Department Chair retreat
Revised following further Department Chair discussions in February 2014
Revised in May 2014 after meetings seeking input from all faculty, parents, and students
Approved by the School Board June 10, 2014

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