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The Science Bowl Team won first place in the Regional Competition!! They won an all expenses paid trip to Washington DC to compete in the National Science Bowl at the end of April. 

Ainsley Fremont, Ben Le, Trevor Oakley and Zoe Matzkin were an incredible team on Saturday.  It was like watching a team at NASA problem-solve a mission. Not only are they each intelligent, but when they learned how to work together and strategize, they were like a machine. I would put them up against ChatGPT.  Their math and science knowledge/skills are incredible! (Pats on the back to Cape Teachers) Trevor led the team as captain and number of questions answered, he even remembered the term "neuroplasticity" from a Mindfulness class in middle school.  Watching Ainsley solve complicated math problems in less than 7 seconds was jaw-dropping. Zoe and Ben tackled the challenging physics and chemistry questions.  Truly inspiring!  Please congratulate them. 

Below is a photo of the team anxiously/excitedly waiting to hear if they were first or second.  They beat Waynflete for First!!