QRC about the 7 options

We hope you were able to attend or tune into the SBAC Public Forum on February 1  (video link) regarding the seven school building solutions proposed by Harriman architects. I encourage you to go to  https://www.capeelizabethsbac.com/ to submit your feedback for the School Building Advisory Committee to review, even if you did not see the Forum.

Please note the high $ amount range for each option includes full cooling for each school.

Thanks for your feedback & support,

Chris Record, Ph.D.

Cape Elizabeth Superintendent

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About the Cape Elizabeth School Building Advisory Committee (SBAC)  The SBAC, formed in March 2023, is a joint ad hoc advisory committee of the Town Council and the School Board. Their mission is to develop a strategic, cost-effective plan to address our town's school building needs, following the rejection of a $116 million school bond referendum in November 2022. Their work is centered on thorough assessment, comprehensive community outreach, and creating a plan that serves the needs of students, educators, families, and the community.