Bulletin board by Helen Strout

Winter Blast 2020

The tournament name turned out to be ironic as a blast of warm air melted snow and ice, and front doors of school were propped open to get some circulation.

There were 21 schools in attendance, including 150 students and 60 or so adults. 

Custodians had the rooms and hallways in great shape, Nate Carpenter helped with building maps updated by Betsy Nilsen.  Susan Ray provided logistics advice and Joan Moriarity helped with needed supplies. Jeff Thoreck was kind enough to lend us his signs to direct people and buses to drop-off & parking. Ginger Raspiller created and printed helpful signs for inside the building, which can feel like a maze to visitors. A.G. Gillis, Joe Wagner, and Jeff Shedd pitched in to judge debate. 

Thank you, teachers, for being gracious about the use of your classrooms and for tidying up your desks before you left on Friday afternoon. 

If you're still reading, you might be wondering how Cape's team did. Debate finished 3rd overall, with Speech taking fourth. We are now looking forward to the state championship on January 25 @ Lewiston, and a Congress national qualifier tournament to be held in the Maine State House chambers on January 18.

Coach Lisa Melanson