Computer Science Week@CEHS

It was a fun week!  We managed to squeeze a lot into a short, 3-day week!

  • "Fun Facts" were posted all over the building. 
  • 15 classes (235 students) came to the library to do an "hour of code" in the Python programming language.  
  • During Friday's advisory, students in grades 9 - 11 watched a short video "Computer Science Is Changing Everything".  Then they participated in the Lightbot Challenge.  LightBot is a puzzle game based on coding; it teaches programming logic as you play.  97 students joined the competition.   
  • CodeHS will remain open for the rest of the semester so any students wishing to work on Python can continue!  Mr. Anesko will be in the Achievement Center during Achievement Period for the next 2 weeks (Feb. 3 - 14) to assist students.

Check out some of their work: