Academic Decathlon Team

CEHS Academic Decathlon Team:

The Academic Decathlon takes a comprehensive Liberal Arts [Art, Music, Literature, Science, Social Studies, Economics, Math]  approach to examine a general topic that changes each year - this year it is Health and Wellness

Instead of using a two day in-person format for the competition, Maine for the first time is having contestants take a portion of the exams online from February 4th to the 5th. 

On February 28, all participating schools will gather at Scarborough High to take the Art, Music and Math tests.  Students will also deliver a four minute speech on any topic they wish.  The speech will be followed by a two minute Q&A. A seven minute interview [comparable to that for  college enrollment or employment] will follow. The culminating activity will be a Super Quiz - similar to the scholastic Quiz Bowl format - in which students will participate in teams of three.

Team members Zoe Evans, Swetha Palaniappan and Migle Sarpoli competing in the online test on Feb. 4 @ CEHS.  

Test topics:  Literature, Economics, Social Science, Science

Team members Eric Barber, Maximo Kesselhaut, Marco Hansel and Joey Labrie also competing in the online test on Feb. 4 @ CEHS

Our Academic Decathletes are in the home stretch -- a 50-minute essay.  Joey must like the essay prompt options!