Jazz Festival

On February 11, members of the Cape Jazz Program traveled to York High School to participate in the District 1 Jazz Festival. This assessment festival provides critical feedback for our students as we enter a month of busy jazz activities which culminate with our Cabaret on the 27th of March.

Each group received a qualifying score to attend the State Jazz Festival in March! This is an incredible achievement and we are proud that all 6 ensembles from Cape earned a slot in the State Assessment Festival.

Also, we had SEVERAL students who were awarded certificates of excellence for outstanding solos in one of the groups. These students are:

Kathryne Clay - Tenor Saxophone - two different awards in both the Combo and big Band division

Kathryne Clay - Bari Sax (her THIRD award, this time for rep band)

Alex Hansen - Piano - two different awards in both the Combo and Big Band division

Luke O'Kelly - Bass - two different awards in both the Combo and Big Band division

Zach Merrill - Trombone

Jack Sands - Trombone

Shane Kennedy - Baritone Saxophone

Aidan Lee - Trumpet

Alex Ecker - Trumpet

Oscar Gustafson - Tenor Saxophone

Bowen Charlebois - Alto Sax in the Rep Jazz Ensemble

Bowen Charlebois - Tenor Sax in Jazz Combo 3

Shane Kennedy - Tenor Sax in the Rep Jazz Ensemble

Shane Kennedy - Bari Sax (2 AWARDS!!! One for Concert Jazz and one for Combo 2)

Robbie Trowbridge - Alto Sax

Analise Gordon - Flute

Otto Cook-Sharp - Conga

Owen Lee - Bass

Kyla Christie - Alto Sax

Clara Parker - Alto Sax in Combo 3

Clara Parker - Piano in Combo 2

Heath Kennedy - Bass in Combo 3

Marco Hansel - Piano 

Sydney McFarland - Flute

Brendan Connolly - Drums

Matthew Leighton - Trumpet

Thank you so much for supporting our musicians and helping to keep music important in their lives. When you see these students, please congratulate them on their fine accomplishments.

~ Mike Scarpone