Packaging Diapers at the Jewish Community Alliance

In an effort to promote volunteerism and connections to the larger community, CEHS 9th grade students and advisors participated in the 1st annual 9th Grade Service Day at locations across the Greater Portland area on Valentines Day, February 14, 2020. In a masterpiece of transportation planned and executed by Pat Fowler and the CESD bus drivers, over 100 students and 10 advisors were transported on 4 buses to and from 9 service sites in 4 towns. 

In advance of the service day, student leaders from the freshman class organized an all-school donation drive to collect goods that had been requested by several of the service sites and that were delivered by students. Our students participated in a variety of activities ranging from weeding in the greenhouse, organizing warehouse supplies, making Valentines, and sharing stories and memories with Seniors. 

We’re thankful for the following sites that made time and space for our students to join their organizations for the morning: Alewives Brook Farm, The Landing, Kaler-Vaill, Piper Shores, South Portland Food Pantry, Partners for World Health, Ruth’s Reusable Resources, The Root Cellar, and The Jewish Community Alliance.