The AP exams were administered from Monday, May 10th through Friday, June 11th.  We had 175 individual students take 297 total exams and we administered exams in 18 different AP courses.

Many students took the brand new digital exam which must be taken on a computer (no iPads or mobile devices).   Students used their own computer or borrowed a computer from the school.  A HUGE thank you to Matthew Young and Ginger Raspiller for all of your IT support and Carolyn Young and Montse Torras for your flexibility with testing space.  Thanks to all of the proctors (20!), especially Leslie Herrick.

AP Bio students celebrate finishing their AP exam ~ the very last AP exam for CEHS !

A little AP fact and shout out to Amy deVries, she had 100% student participation in her AP Bio class!  

Marie Cross & Eamon Keenan