C E Esports

The Spring season brings a few, but exciting surprises! We have three teams this season and two of them will be competing in MPA State Leagues and State Titles!

League of Legends

Last season, we competed in the Eastern League and fell one game short of making it to the playoffs. This season we will be competing in an MPA State League against other Maine schools for the regular season. Our first game this season will be against last season's state champion, Noble! Team members:

Freddy Barraclough
Eli Beber
Nathaniel Healey
Leo Millecchia
Rohan Yadav
Roan Young

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate 

Now entering our second season, we have a few new faces on the team. Also new is competing in the MPA State League for a state title! Please follow us as we try and fight to be the first to obtain it! Team members:

Alex Brooking
Jackson Morgan
Rohan Yadav

Splatoon 2

Our first season of Splatoon 2! We will be competing in the Eastern League to see how far we can climb the ranks. Team members:

Myra Daukas
Jack Forsyth
Brooke Giroux
Dylan McFadd
Owen Rhile

As always, we will try and stream games from our YouTube channel as games permit at 4:00pm on game days. 

Tuesdays: League of Legends, Splatoon 2

Wednesday: Super Smash Brothers ultimate