One Act Play Participants in front of bus

This past weekend CEHS Theatre took Runner Up at the Regional One Act Play Festival, held at Yarmouth HS. A team of 32 students presented Arthur Kopit's CHAMBER MUSIC at the first live festival in two years. They were amazing ambassadors for CEHS Theatre! Along with the recognition for the overall quality of the production, they also won a slew of Judge's Special Commendations.

For individual performances:
Helena Reiger
Eliza Green 
Hadley Johnson
Kat Callahan
Abigail Scifres
Grace Erskine
Emma Mayberry
Mckenzie Skjerli

For ensemble work, "The Doctors":
Bowen Charlebois
Ryan Strack
Jack McKibben
Alex Brooking
Owen McAnuff
Lukas Robinson
Simon Shika-Brown
Andy Brooking

Zoe Matzkin

Hannah Lowenstein

Physical Theatre Work:

Shadow Work (Which was executed by the lighting designer, and the entire crew, who were onstage behind a scrim)
Lights: Shiv Pillsbury
Analise Gordon
Nate Healey
Rohan Yadav
Ella Butterfield
Henry Barraclough
Meghan Tennyson
Saga Hart
Trustin Williams
Ryan O'Sullivan
Sidney Allen
Molly McKibben
Violet Davis
Hannah Lowenstein

Tech Director Stephen Price and I are proud, happy, and grateful to all you folks who were so patient and encouraging while they worked on the show.

Go Capers!