MPA SSBU State Champs
The team celebrates Cape's first esports title win!

Cape Elizabeth is the first Super Smash Brother Ultimate State Champions in MPA history! The team won 2-0. This is Capes first esports title in its history. The Spring 2021 League of Legends team was the first to make it to finals. You can watch the replay of the match here!

Cape Elizabeth SSBU (6) defeated Narraguagus High School's NHS Knights of Smash (1) team Wednesday for the MPA State Championship in Super Smash Brother's Brawl. Thee players are paired against the other teams three in a best of three match. For the finals, each set was a best of five. The pairings were:

NHS Knights of SmashCape Elizabeth SSBU
Dylan NybergRohan Yadav
Aidan JohnsonJackson Morgan
Joseph Ray-SmithNathaniel Healey
Rohan Yadav competes in the first set in the state finals
MapDylan NybergRohan Yadav
BattlefieldKazuyaSora (W)
BattlefieldKazuyaSora (W)
Kalos Pokémon LeagueKazuyaSora (W)

Cape's Jackson Morgan competing in the second game of his best of five

MapAidan JohnsonJackson Morgan
Pokémon Stadium 2Mii Swordfighter 1332Byleth (W)
SmashvilleKing K. RoolByleth (W)
Kalos Pokémon LeagueMii Swordfighter 1331Byleth (W)

Between games, maps are banned and players decide if they will change characters

While not affecting the final score, the third set was played in spirit of competition.

MapJoseph Ray-SmithNathaniel Healey
Pokémon Stadium 2Terry (W)Joker
SmashvilleTerry (W)King K. Rool
Kalos Pokémon LeagueTerry (W)King K. Rool

Please congratulate both teams in their hard work this season!