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Dear CEHS Staff, Students, and Families,

As you may know, Maine law now requires schools to test all drinking water faucets that could be used for drinking or cooking for the presence of lead.

We just received the results from our samples that were collected between 3/20/22 – 3/22/22. As you will see from attached Public Notice (linked here), out of 78 water fixtures, elevated levels of lead (exceeding 4 parts per billion) were found in the water from 8 fixtures located in the clay art room, several of the science labs, a second floor restroom, and the staff lounge. Those faucets were immediately turned off by our maintenance department. We have a plumber arriving onsite on 5/5/22 to install point of use filters. We will then retest and if further mitigation steps are warranted we will consult with experts and do whatever is necessary to lower the lead levels to the acceptable level.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns to myself or our Facilities Director Dave Bagdasarian (dbagdasarian@capeelizabethschools.org).

Thanks for your support,

Chris Record, Ph.D. 

 March 2022 – A & L Laboratory Report