CE Building Project

We are pleased to announce that the Town Council voted on August 22, 2022 to move the building project forward to a November citizen referendum. The Council voted 4-3 in favor of the first question and 6-1 in favor of the second question:

  • Question 1: Authorizing Expenditures of up to $115,943,324 to Design, Construct and Equip a New Elementary School and a New Middle School and to Renovate Cape Elizabeth High School and Issuance of the Town’s General Obligation Bonds Therefor
  • Question 2: Vote Authorizing Expenditures of up to $5,000,000 in the form of Gifts and Grants to pay for Additional Auditorium Seating, Solar Panels and Other Miscellaneous Improvements to Enhance the New Elementary School and New Middle School

Documents shared with the Town Council on 08.22.22 are linked here.

If the referendum passes in November, in the fall of 2025 we will be opening a new Pond Cove elementary school, a new middle school, and renovating portions of the high school.

The Town Council received well over 100 emails about the project and 36 citizens shared public comment last evening as well. Thanks for your participation in this important decision. There will be many more opportunities to engage in public outreach efforts.  We want our public to be informed of the facts whether they are for the project or against it and this will take as many volunteers as we can get to engage with the public.  Please go to cebuildingproject.com for more information.

We deeply appreciate all of the efforts of countless people over the years  in moving this project forward to this point. Since 2017, there have been 85 public meetings focused on how to address the building deficiencies. We appreciate your continued interest and engagement in this extremely important effort.